Theodora Kaufmann

Graduate, REALTOR Institute

  +1 210.415.6399

  • Born in Budapest, Hungary
  • Speaks English, Hungarian, and French
  • Citizen of Canada, Hungary, and United States

Agent Profile

Theodora was born in Budapest, Hungary and has lived in Quebec, Canada as well as California. She has a Bachelor's in Fine Arts and enjoys world travels, kayaking, tennis and horses. She is also a member of the Corvette association with her husband and enjoys spending time with her four children and four grandchildren.

My Name:
Theodora Kaufmann
Born In:
Budapest, Hungary, and French
Languages Spoken:
English, Hungarian
I Have Been in Real Estate For:
Over 12 Years!
My Favorite Thing About Real Estate Is:
I enjoy meeting families and take pride in helping find the perfect home for each family. My background is in social work and find this profession equally rewarding! It is very important for families relocating to be happy and take pride in their new homes!
My Role Model Is:
My Mother. She was a young mother who escaped from Hungary with a child alone to start a new life in Montreal, Canada!
My Proudest Accomplishment:
Being a Mother to my four amazing children! My family makes me laugh the most!! They have such humor that I love to be with them. They got the humor from my husband!
My Hobbies Include:
Traveling, kayaking, hiking with family through Europe, tennis and cutting horse activities, cruising, gardening.
My Favorite Quote:
Treat people as you would like to be treated, with kindness and respect.

What do you love about San Antonio?

I moved to the San Antonio area over 23 years ago from California. I love the culture, clean environment and the beautiful city and hill country. The weather is great in San Antonio and the Hill Country!

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